What experience and training do you have to offer?

MDS was formed in 1998 with radiology billing as its focus. The company has grown to service many other lines of business such as: Cardiology, Oncology, Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers, Chiropractors, Orthopedic Surgeons, Spine Surgeons, Urgent Care Centers, Physical Therapists, Durable Medical Equipment, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, and more.

Can you share some details of your Corporate and HIPAA compliance plans?

MDS has both Corporate Compliance and HIPAA Compliance plans in place. We can verify our standards regarding any concern you may have. This is a national standard and we comply and help you comply in our daily tasks. See more details under our services tab.

How do you follow up on denied claims? What type of appeal system do you have in place?

Our Sequel Systems PM software has an aggressive Follow Up denial tool. It manages accounts by denial type, payer type, age of service, age in bucket, and by user. It allows accounts to be tickled and worked for future dates based on the scenario. The team trains regularly with group training sessions, webinars, and seminars. They maintain compliance in the appeals process and are experienced in timely filing deadlines, work comp fee schedules, NMN (not medically necessary), Medicare denials, payor specific rules, authorization programs, etc.

What type of reports will you provide and how frequently?

Standard reports for aging of the Accounts Receivable, Monthly collections, adjustments and charges, unit reports to show the studies billed, and details in the event there is a downward trend in collection activity. MDS provides all of this data in a monthly spreadsheet along with system reports based on the client’s needs.

Do they offer managed care services?

Managed Care and Credentialing: We have an integrated software system that tracks expiration and renewal dates to keep the denials at bay. The staff also pursues new contracts, links new physician groups, applies for provider numbers, NPI numbers, etc. as needed for any new or existing practice that we serve. Data is stored in the national CAQH system for more efficiency in the renewal/revalidation process.

What type of software are they using and does it allow any remote access capabilities?

We work closely with our internal IT department and Sequel Systems (our PM software) to coordinate interface possibilities. This allows the demo and charge data to cross over from your software to ours without manual entry. This creates efficiency once the information is mapped and working as intended. It reduces errors on the front end (your office) because it creates the repetition needed for the required fields and it creates efficiency on our end to eliminate manual entry. We can also remote into your program and pull data as an alternative for lower volume clients.

Are they up to date on their coding books and certifications?

With certified coders on staff, coding books, and online tools our clients will receive the best services possible in coding and compliance. We conduct internal audits for monitoring accuracy and efficiency which results in the best reimbursement possible.

Do they utilize an outside collection agency and if so under what protocol?

Our internal collectors have been trained on the guidelines of the FDCPA to make certain all laws of patient collections are being followed. This applies to patient balances after insurance or denied claims that are now patient responsibility. In the event an outside agency is needed, the client will be contacted for approval and this information is exchanged in an automated, HIPAA compliant format for efficiency.

Do they have a strategic disaster recovery and back-up plan?

MDS partners with an offsite vendor to ensure your data is safe. There is a security and recovery protocol in place in the event of a disaster.

Are the employees cross trained so that in the event of an extended absence the work is still covered?

MDS requires ongoing cross training so that in the event of a short term or long term absence no client account will sit unattended. Every account will continue to be worked in a timely manner.

Are the hours of operation during the hours of your operation and if not do they have voice mail options and what is the estimated response time?

MDS hours are Monday-Friday 7:00AM to 7:00PM Central Standard Time. We have voice mail outside of our work hours and the messages are returned daily. We also have a toll free number for your convenience. 866-437-7681, gives us a call!

What are their options for payment other than standard mail?

MDS encourages online payment by Credit Card, Debit Card, and Care Credit. We generate Auto-dialer messages to encourage the patients to contact us to provide this information over the phone as well. Our experience has shown that a live call is the best way to generate the most reasonable payment and so live calls are always made as well. If the payment is too low, we will contact the patient for a more reasonable payment and to set up a payment plan.

How are the billing fees determined?

Many factors are considered in determining billing fees. We will do an analysis based on your data to consider our costs and your needs. We are very competitive and will work with you to get you the best rate possible.

Can you provide some client references that will attest to your work ethic?

Yes, we would be happy to provide you with client references upon request.

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